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The ultra-identitarian and ultra-communitarian woke ideology is built on hatred and vengeance. This nihilistic ideology, that rejects the Christian notion of hope, confines individuals into tightly sealed categories with no chance of liberation.

Wokeism prohibits and ostracizes. It establishes its realm on a blank slate, where truths are redefined. This movement thrives on the absurd and is inaccessible to reason. It extends irrationality — allegedly inherent to faith — into all fields of science, politics, and society. This dichotomy is legitimized when it is declared by highly influential institutions. American universities are promoting ideology instead of providing education. They also confer notoriety upon the preachers of this new religion, creating a snowball effect that has reverberated across Europe and even within the Lebanese Christian institutions.

Empowered by the notoriety of their positions, academics condescendingly preach all sorts of concepts, including erroneous ones, leading to what Bret Weinstein, the anti-woke professor at Evergreen State College, has termed “idea laundering.” The university thus allows the dissemination of the most ludicrous ideas, thereby paving the way for all kinds of delusions.

The Elitist Religion

As a result, this academic cradle effectively turns wokeism into a religion of the elite and of hypocrisy. It’s been observed that those who often advocate for the new non-monogamous and non-heterosexual family model are the same ones that adhere to traditional family structures. However, their recommendations have unfortunately led to disasters in disadvantaged communities. They have contributed to single-parent households and all the negative consequences that come with it, including school dropout and increased criminality.

In addition, the woke elites also advocate police de-funding, despite their lack of firsthand experience with life in high-crime neighborhoods or on public transportation. Let’s not disregard the fact that they have the financial means to afford private protection.

It’s worth noting that most of those in favor of the migrants’ presence live in highly secure neighborhoods and send their children to private schools. In Lebanon, those who consistently preach about openness, secularism, and coexistence are the same ones who have already forsaken this unity to live in the white neighborhoods of London, Geneva, or Paris. They denounce the alleged racist isolationism of those who have chosen to remain in the East to preserve its diversity.

The Power of Wokeism

Jean-François Braunstein wrote: “Its academic backgrounds make it difficult to challenge the woke religion, as this academic notoriety makes it inherently resistant to scientific and rational criticism.” Subsequently, it garners support from media platforms and major production houses like Netflix or Disney, which play a pivotal role in its widespread dissemination. Through their propaganda, they stifle freedom of thought and critical analysis. Schools are also complicit in this missionary effort, where education is supplanted by indoctrination.

In fact, wokeism has effectively undermined the principles of secularism, objectivity, and impartiality within universities, leaving little to no room for questioning. It seeks to first wipe out culture, heritage, and history before expanding its influence into the field of sciences. Everything becomes deeply politicized. Truth is no longer absolute; first, it must be partial in order to become relevant. Even the exact sciences are to be “wokified.” In other words, they are expected to adopt aspects of relativism and activism. Furthermore, precision is outright dismissed: just like sciences, it is viewed as a product of the patriarchal, racist, pro-slavery, colonialist, and virile white Western culture, which must be eradicated along with its Phoenician-Greco-Roman and Christian heritage.

The Rejection of Sciences

Far from solely focusing on the field of humanities, wokeism also lashed out at mathematics and other scientific subject areas, labeling them as racists. By definition, sciences are precise, a notion abhorred by wokes. For a woke person, there are no such things as right or wrong. Instead, there is an infinite spectrum of relativism that allows for all sorts of intermediary truths.

Precise sciences are deemed racist because they often yield results that don’t align with the woke perspective regarding the relationship between consciousness and matter. Biology, especially, is criticized as being virile, homophobic, and fatphobic. Biology views the male body as stronger than the female body and perceives heterosexuality as being the norm and homosexuality as less common. Woke theorist Thierry Hoquet labels it as heterosexist. Biology is considered biased in many aspects, such as viewing obesity as a health risk. It is also perceived by wokes as being misogynistic and should be replaced by a more just discipline: “gynocentric biology.”


Beyond its will to destroy the pagan and Christian heritage of the white Western world, wokeism targets science, reason, education, and human intellect. It views certain races as less competent and, as such, lowers school curricula to match this perceived level. In its illusory attempt to replace equality with equity and inclusion, it eliminates meritocracy. By enforcing positive discrimination, quality is sacrificed for the sake of overall diversity.

Just like schools, universities no longer focus on the pursuit of truth. They prioritize social justice through the sacred trio of “equity, diversity, and inclusion.” For some, education is about instilling self-loathing, while for others, it is about hatred of white individuals. Academic studies have devolved into mere compilations of past grievances.

Instead of passing on the heritage, the university aims to destroy it. It instills a hatred for the notion of reason, arguing that the latter and its related disciplines are neither empirical, objective, nor universal. As Jean-François Braunstein explains, reason is merely a manifestation of Western heritage that holds no superiority over other cultures.

The Abolition of Hope

White people remain guilty until they manage to shed their whiteness and are thus deemed unworthy of forgiveness. In the absence of God, and consequently, the forgiveness of Christ, there is no room for redemption. The only possible outcome is therefore violence or civilizational suicide. The woke religion is obsessed with identifying sin and assigning blame,” wrote Jean-François Braunstein. “This doctrinal stance replaces the concept of forgiveness with that of revenge.”

While Western religion, rooted in the Phoenician-Greek-Roman civilization, was founded on Christian values of forgiveness, hope, love, and equality for all, the new ultra-racist and ultra-communitarian woke religion is built on vengeance through destruction or humiliation. It has confined individuals into tightly sealed categories — no chance of liberation — and into a nihilistic ideology that rejects the Christian notion of hope.