On Thursday, an Israeli strike on a house in the southern village of Blida killed two people, including one Hezbollah fighter, and wounded two others. Hezbollah had already lost two of its fighters in a dawn raid the same day, on the village of Kfar Kila.

The exchange of artillery fire between the pro-Iranian group and the Israeli army continued unabated on the Southern front, where a second house, this time in Markaba, was also the target of a drone attack.

At the same time, Hezbollah was bombarding Northern Israel, where sirens sounded several times during the day for fear of drone infiltration. In the afternoon, Hezbollah fired a salvo of rockets in the direction of Arab al-Aramsha, where it had targeted an Israeli air control base the previous day, wounding fourteen soldiers.

The pro-Iranian group also announced that it had targeted five gatherings of Israeli soldiers in Zebdine, Rweissat al-Alam, Malkiya, Hanita and al-Marj. The latter also said it had targeted several buildings used by “enemy soldiers,” including two in the Yaroun settlement and a third in the Manara settlement.

The Hezb also announced the death of one of its fighters, Hussein Ali Sajid.

For its part, the Civil Defense reported on its X account that the Khiam-Marjeyoun road was closed to traffic, because “its teams were clearing areas where destruction was caused by an Israeli air strike that targeted Khiam on Wednesday, with phosphorus bombs.”