UNIFIL Deputy Spokesperson Kandice Ardiel emphasized that the “the freedom of UNIFIL’s movement is essential to the implementation of Resolution 1701.”

“In addition to freedom of movement inside UNIFIL’s area of operations, peacekeepers have the freedom and authorization from the Lebanese Government to move throughout Lebanon for administrative and logistical reasons,” she told This is Beirut.

Following last night’s incident in the Hay al-Sellom area in Beirut’s southern suburbs, UNIFIL Deputy Spokesperson clarified the facts by stating, “A peacekeeping vehicle on a routine logistical movement to Beirut ended up last night on an unplanned route,” adding that “the vehicle was stopped and peacekeepers were detained by local individuals. They were later released.”

Media sources reported that, on Thursday night, a UNIFIL vehicle was stopped by Hezbollah elements at the Cocodi checkpoint in the Hay al-Sellom area in the southern suburbs of Beirut.

According to al-Markazya, the UNIFIL vehicle and the personnel were immediately handed over to the Lebanese army.