About Us

This is Beirut is a global website for general investigation, analysis, and information that creates visual reports, images and is available on all digital platforms. Several seasoned journalists and specialists with extensive experience in the written and audiovisual press contributed to the inception of this project. They are surrounded by a team of young talents who are committed to promoting freedom of expression and quality reporting, which are essential cornerstones to the Lebanese identity.

Free from any pressure or political constraint and relying mainly on your financial support. This is Beirut is a free, independent and committed media outlet that promotes cultural resistance and a set of values, which are representative of Lebanon. These values need to be protected now more than ever.

This is Beirut’s mission is to bring together all individuals who share the same values, which are crucial to the survival and sustainability of the Lebanese Republic, namely sovereignty, neutrality vis-à-vis of regional alliances, as well as the principles of coexistence, public freedoms, women’s and human rights, pluralism, political and cultural diversity, the rule of law, citizenship, economic liberalism, openness to the world, rejection of violence, dignity, the fight for justice and against impunity, the duty of remembrance, transparency, good governance, healthcare and education rights for all, and the right to live in a healthy environment.

At a time when an unprecedented global crisis is affecting Lebanon greatly, we at This is Beirut also wish to convey a message of hope through our contribution to new positive values aimed at giving birth to a different Lebanon – values of solidarity, selflessness, empathy, and non-violence, in order not only to rebuild the country’s social and political foundations, but also to safeguard the regional and Mediterranean environment that is falling prey to rising extremism.