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Undefeated since the beginning of the Asian Club Championship (BCL Asia) in Dubai, Riyadi crowned their journey with a resounding victory in the final against Shabab al-Ahli (122-96). This triumph secures their third championship title in this competition, confirming their supremacy on the Asian stage.

Riyadi is the art of basketball, with artists who play the most beautiful melodies with the ball, a ball that has delighted its immense audience which never left them, not for a minute, along all the local and international competitions.

Many agree that this is one of the most beautiful seasons for the Yellow Club. It hasn’t left any title unclaimed and has closed a successful and remarkable season. An insatiable club for titles and victories, a team that hates defeat. The club’s DNA is made of victories and trophies, and this winning mentality is found in everyone, from the management to the players to the technical staff.

An Unexpected Start

Ahmad Farran started the match with the five warriors: Wael Arakji, Karim Zeinoun, Zach Lofton, Hayk Gyokchyan and Thon Maker.
This quintet, who usually controls the course of the matches from the start, encountered a tenacious opponent playing at home and kept clinging to the hope of qualifying, contrary to the predictions that favored Riyadi.
The beginning was tight between the two teams, with an unstable Yellow defense against the success of Shabab al-Ahli in three-point shots, including four by their foreign player George Hunt, who made three triples in the first quarter, which ended in favor of the Yellow with a score of 23-21.

Glory Maker

There is no doubt that Riyadi’s successful season wouldn’t have been complete without the addition of the missing piece in the puzzle, Thon Maker.
The team became almost unbeatable thanks to his offensive and defensive presence in the finals played by the Yellow, especially in the West Asia Super League (WASL) final, where Maker scored 35 points against Sagesse with 15 rebounds and four blocks.
On Saturday, he scored 26 points, including 22 in the first half. His teammate Lofton concluded with a three-point shot at the buzzer from mid-court, ending the second quarter with a score of 57-48 for Riyadi.

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MVP of Asia

As usual, the Yellows showed their power in the third quarter.
Riyadi started to widen the gap and impose total domination, both offensively and defensively, allowing Shabab al-Ahli to score only 16 points against an offensive symphony that resulted in 44 points in this quarter.
MVP of the tournament Wael Arakji scored three consecutive long-distance triples, reminding the audience of his three crazy triples against Sagesse. Arakji confirms his status as the best Asian player at the national and club level.
The third quarter ended with a lead of 101-64 for Riyadi.

Offensive Festival

With Riyadi’s victory assured from the third quarter, the last quarter took an offensive and spectacular turn from both sides, with Shabab al-Ahli trying to reduce the gap to save face.
The match ended with a score of 122-96, crowning Riyadi as Asian champions for the third time in its history.

Full House

With this victory, Riyadi won its fifth title of the season after the Dubai Championship, the WASL and the local championship.
Now it’s time for the Asian Cup to sit among the other trophies, concluding a dream season for a dream team, which will represent Lebanon and Asia in the Club World Cup from September 12 to 15.

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