Electoral Conflict in a Federation:

Two members of a federation clash sharply over federal elections, creating palpable tension.

Toward Promotion in Individual Sport:

An individual sports coach’s sights are set on a top position in an individual sports federation.

International Volleyball Recruitment:

Volleyball clubs in Lebanon begin talks with players, a significant number of whom have Iranian nationality.

Conflict at the Ministry of Sports:

Disagreements between two figures within the Ministry of Youth and Sports erupt over issues relating to federations and clubs.

Media War at the Ministry of Sports:

A dispute over funds and allegations of embezzlement sparks a media war between Minister Georges Kallas and parliamentary sports commission chairman Simon Abi Ramia.

Ray Bassil’s Olympic Preparation:

International shooter Ray Bassil draws up a plan for her participation in the 2024 Summer Olympics, with the intention of pressing charges over blocked funds.

– Protocol Errors at a Sportif Event:

Notable protocol omissions spark discontent at a sporting event in Lebanon, highlighting a lack of organization.

Discreet Meeting at an Individual Sports Club:

A top sports official holds a confidential meeting with a sports activist, addressing issues related to an individual sports club.

Concerns about Lebanon’s International Matches:

A sports official expresses concern about Lebanon’s participation in foreign matches due to the lack of adequate infrastructure on Lebanese territory.