Leader of the Lebanese Forces Samir Geagea claimed on Thursday that the pro-Hezbollah “Moumanaa axis” and the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) “are once again stabbing democracy, the right of people to choose their representatives and the establishment of public institutions.”

Geagea wrote on his X account, “The flimsy argument used by these people to approve the extension of the municipal and mukhtar councils, for the third time in a row, is invalid.”

“They used ongoing military operations in some areas of the South as an alibi to postpone elections in all of Lebanon, while the Ministry of Education approved holding official exams in all of Lebanon, excluding areas that are undergoing military operations.”

Geagea argued that excluding an area from elections due to certain circumstances is not unprecedented, referring to the 1998 municipal elections from which the South and some villages were excluded because people had not returned to their villages under Israeli occupation.

Commenting on the argument put forward by the “Moumanaa axis” that the government is not ready to hold the elections, Geagea said, “Had these MPs really cared about applying the Constitution and abiding by its deadlines, they should have questioned the government and held it responsible for any failure to meet constitutional deadlines instead of orchestrating a new extension for the municipal councils under a false argument,” he concluded.