On Friday morning, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, the World Bank and the Beirut Municipality, initiated rehabilitation efforts for the waste sorting facility in Karantina at the Beirut Municipality garage. The facility suffered severe damage due to the August 4 explosion.

Caretaker Minister of Environment Nasser Yassin thanked “all the donors who contributed to this credit fund, through which we were able to obtain $10 million to start repairing the sorting plant, which is a vital facility in Beirut.”

He highlighted the severe condition the plant was left in following the explosion on August 4, emphasizing that the Ministry of Environment, the Beirut Municipality and the Governorate collaborated to reconstruct it. Yassin explained that the funding was transformed from general to specific, establishing a $10 million credit fund exclusively allocated to the restoration of this facility in Beirut.