Confrontations between Israel and Hezbollah resumed in southern Lebanon before midday on Friday after a brief period of precarious calm.

Israeli artillery bombardments fervently resumed, targeting the area between the towns of Chihin and Zebqine, as well as the outskirts of the town of Jebin, which was overflown by Israeli reconnaissance aircraft.

In the early hours of the morning, Israeli artillery also targeted the Houra region and the outskirts of Deir Mimas.

An Israeli drone also targeted an “armed cell” in the Jabal-Douf area, while reconnaissance flights overflew villages in the western and central sectors, reaching the coast.

Moreover, Hezbollah announced the loss of one of its fighters, Ahmed Hussein Ali, who fell on Thursday on “the road to Jerusalem.”

A civilian, Massoud Abdallah, was also wounded on Friday by an Israeli artillery shell at the entrance of his hometown, Rachaya al-Foukhar, according to Al Markazia agency.

The southern towns that are adjacent to the Blue Line have experienced a relatively calm night. The only disruptions were flares, overflights by Israeli reconnaissance aircraft, and the sound of interception explosions in the skies around Tyre. One shell fell into the sea off the Bab el Tameh area in the locality of Al-Qasimiya.

Until Wednesday, the natural disaster management unit of the Union of the Federation of Municipalities of Tyre had registered 20,000 displaced persons from villages in southern Lebanon, distributed among five accommodation centers in Tyre. This figure does not include tens of hundreds of other displaced persons who have taken refuge in other regions.

The unit reported a lack of resources, as almost 40 villages are unsafe for civilians.

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