The southern border witnessed heightened tensions on Monday, with fresh attacks on both sides, including one that targeted journalists on the Lebanese side.

Israel targeted a convoy of journalists with two shells in the village of Yaroun. Although no fatalities occurred, Al-Jazeera’s photographer Issam Mousawi sustained minor injuries, and the channel’s broadcasting vehicle was damaged.

Reports indicate that an Israeli airstrike hit a house in Aynata, killing two civilians and injuring another who was passing by at the time of the attack.

Israeli artillery also shelled Ain al-Zarqa area between Tyre, Harfa and Alma al-Shaab, sparking fires in the woods along the Blue Line, opposite the towns of Naqoura, Alma al-Shaab, and Deir Mimas. The shelling also targeted the villages of Aita al-Shaab, Rmeish, Kfarchouba, Habboush, Shanouh and other regions.

Hezbollah responded with a substantial barrage of missiles from southern Lebanon into the occupied territories in western Galilee. They claimed to have successfully targeted an Israeli infantry force near the Dahirah site with direct hits.

Hezbollah also said that it directed attacks at various Israeli military sites, including the Ruhban site, Ramtha in the Shebaa Farms, the Bayada Blida site, and the Marj site in Hunin, causing direct injuries.

Civilian casualties were reported in different areas due to Israeli attacks, with three houses in the town of Mahboub destroyed by Israeli shelling. Additionally, damage was reported in the sanctuary of the town of Mahboub. Hezbollah also announced the death of one of its members from the town of Hlebta.

Israeli casualties included one individual who died from injuries sustained in a Hezbollah-launched anti-tank missile towards Doviv. An employee of the Israeli Electric Company also died in a missile attack from Lebanon.

Cross-border fire exchanges intensified with Israeli artillery shelling on the outskirts of Aita al-Shaab, and the town of Jbaa. An Israeli drone reportedly launched an attack on the Karm al-Zaytoun area near Yaroun, with three shells falling on a house near the municipal center.

The Central Operations Room in the Islamic Scout Movement reported that civil defense rescuers in the town of Sarafand transported an individual exposed to phosphorus smoke from Israeli shelling to the Alaa Al-Din Hospital.