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Lebanese artist Mario Zaher presents his first solo exhibition, “You, Me and Everyone in Between,” on June 20, at the newly opened gallery in Gemmayzeh, Gemspace.

Mario Zaher has nurtured a growing passion for art, drawing, and colors since his childhood. It was through his academic journey in interior design at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik that he established his artistic foundations. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in 2012 and a Master’s degree in 2014, Mario quickly entered the professional world of interior architecture. However, his love for drawing, initially practiced as a hobby, evolved into a full-time vocation in 2020.

Mario Zaher has exhibited his works in many prestigious cities around the world. His artistic journey has taken him to the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Europe, and, of course, Lebanon. Each exhibition is an opportunity for Mario to share his captivating universe and continue to present new characters and artworks.

An Invitation to Discovery

“You, Me and Everyone in Between” is a celebration of human diversity. This series of portraits is a tribute to the people Mario Zaher has met throughout his life. Each painting is a kaleidoscope of colors that brings the memories and emotions of his characters to life. Mario Zaher aspires to capture and translate the emotions, memories, and nostalgia of each individual in his works. Visitors will thus be transported to a gallery of faces reflecting their own lives and those of others. Each portrait, beyond its individual representation, embodies a universal moment, emotion, or memory. Through his works, Mario Zaher invites us to explore the beauty of our shared experiences and to find a part of ourselves in each expressive face and vibrant color.

Gemmayzeh: An Artistic Haven

Mario Zaher’s solo exhibition will be held in the iconic Gemmayzeh district of Beirut, at the newly opened gallery, Gemspace. This neighborhood was specifically chosen due to its large public presence, thanks to the numerous art galleries, cafes, murals, and its Ottoman and French architecture. In this context of historical and artistic richness, the Gemspace gallery provides an ideal space for the artist, who also aims to tell stories through art.

Don’t miss the unique and unprecedented opportunity to discover the captivating world of Mario Zaher and immerse yourself in the stories that compose our collective human experience.

For more information, visit the artist’s website at and follow his Instagram account You can also check out the art gallery’s Instagram account