According to Israeli media, the Israeli Army issued protocols to commanders on Thursday regarding how their units should conduct internal investigations into the failures preceding the October 7 massacre.

These inquiries aim to derive operational conclusions and will not scrutinize political leaders’ policies to avoid conflicts with the government, which insisted on delaying investigations until the end of the war against Hamas.

The internal investigations will span from the March 2018 riots at the Gaza border to October 10, 2023, when Israeli troops regained control of southern Israel after the assault.

Key areas of the inquiry include the Israeli Army’s evolving perception of Gaza since 2018, evaluations of Hamas by IDF intelligence, the intelligence and decision-making process before October 7, and the period between October 7 and 10 when troops regained control.

The Israeli Army will also investigate five additional subjects, including major battles, reservist mobilization, logistical responses, long-term planning, treatment of casualties from October 7, and the continuous functioning of the army.

Units responsible for the investigations include the Operations Directorate, Southern Command, Gaza Division, and Unit 8200 of the Military Intelligence Directorate, specializing in electromagnetic intelligence.

The army stated that the internal investigations are “necessary” for troops to improve in ongoing combat and for displaced Israelis from northern Israel to safely return home despite daily Hezbollah attacks.