The Lusail Stadium in Qatar is hosting a Lebanese final for the West Asia Super League (WASL) tournament, where Riyadi seeks to win the title and achieve its main goal set at the beginning of the season. Meanwhile, Sagesse aspires to reassure its supporters with a victory that could crown their best season in many years.

 One Qualifying Ticket

It is known that two spots from this tournament qualify for the Basketball Champions League Asia (BCL). Unfortunately, these spots will not be awarded to the first and second place teams because both teams are Lebanese.

Therefore, the winner of the final and the winner of the third-place match, which will pit Iran’s Gorgan against Kuwait SC, will qualify.

Many consider this decision to be unfair to Lebanese basketball, as there is no clear rule prohibiting two teams from the same country from participating.

The Renaissance of Lebanese Basketball

This period is considered one of the best for Lebanese basketball in years. After the Lebanese national team’s qualification for the World Cup and its convincing performance, Lebanese clubs have continued this success by shining in international competitions: Beirut SC, champion of Arab clubs and the Doha tournament, Antonin Sportif, finalist in the Sharjah tournament, Riyadi, winner of the Dubai tournament and the WASL, and today, a new Lebanese champion will be crowned in the WASL and represent Lebanon in the Asian Club Championship. This confirms that Lebanese basketball is the best in the region, unrivaled.

The Derby of the Season

It is certain that the 13th derby of this season will not resemble the previous matches. One game where all scores will be settled. Riyadi has won 10 matches this season against two for Sagesse. The numbers favor Riyadi, but the improvement in Sagesse’s performances has been notable match by match, especially in the last two confrontations where they have been formidable opponents for the Yellows. All possibilities are open: a victory for the Greens today equals all of Riyadi’s victories this season, while a victory for the Yellows would confirm their superiority and their merit to represent Lebanon and the continent in the Asian Championship.

An exceptional match today at 6:00 PM Beirut time.