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More than 1300 athletes lined up on Sunday at the start of the various races of the 2024 edition of the Internal Security Forces Semi-Marathon.

The General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) organized the fourteenth edition of its annual semi-marathon on Sunday under the theme “Running for Humanity” in the Lebanese capital.

This race took place under the high patronage of the caretaker Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Bassam Mawlawi, the Director-General of the ISF, Imad Osman, and under the auspices of the Lebanese Athletics Federation. It also had the approval of the International Association of Marathons and Road Races (AIMS).

On a spring day and in a festive atmosphere, no less than 1300 athletes gathered from 6:30 AM at the Museum Square where the race start was scheduled by the organizers. This year, the event welcomed a diverse panel of participants, infusing a dynamic and friendly atmosphere throughout the course. Runners from the Arab police, the Lebanese army, the ISF, the General Security, the State Security, the customs, the Beirut Fire Brigade Battalion, joined by a large contingent of UNIFIL, not forgetting the runners from club federations and sports and university federations, and local and international individual runners of 22 different nationalities participated in this exceptional sports event. Organized by the ISF General Directorate, this race has become a must-attend event over the seasons.

Photo Makram Haddad

A Picturesque Route to Discover Beirut

The route of the FSI Semi-Marathon led the runners through Beirut’s most iconic sites, offering an immersion into the cultural and heritage richness of the Lebanese capital. Stretching 21.1 km, the circuit extended from the national museum towards the seaside corniche with its breathtaking views of the Mediterranean to the historic downtown laden with history. Passing through Foch Street, participants were able to combine sports performance with discovering a fascinating city, before returning to the national museum where the finish line was set.

The start of the semi-marathon was given by Marwan Abboud, Governor of the city of Beirut, from the National Museum Square where an impressive security setup had been put in place by the ISF. It is worth noting that the people of Beirut turned out in large numbers for this event. Indeed, between participants, supporters or simple spectators, no less than 10,000 people were present throughout the race circuit in the various neighborhoods of the capital.

The semi-marathon was accompanied by several festivities, including the distribution of drinks and pastries to the public who rejoiced in the friendly atmosphere that prevailed throughout the competition. The finish line was also located at the Museum Square where representatives of various Lebanese defense and security services were present alongside Mohamad Ouaidate representing the Minister of Youth and Sports at this event. These eminent personalities were also joined in the honor stand by the President of the Lebanese Athletics Federation, Roland Saadé, May el-Khalil, president of BMA, Pierre Jalkh, president of the Lebanese Olympic Committee, and representatives of various sponsors.

In the end, the race was won by Lebanese Army runner Bilal Awada who clinched the first place ahead of the previous edition’s winner, Imad Jezzini (Internal Security Forces). Among women, Bryony Stein and Rosalie Faddoul crushed the competition, dominating the top spots on the podium ahead of Nour Ghosaini who distinguished herself.

The FSI Semi-Marathon 2024 was a real success, both in terms of sports and solidarity. This race promotes the values of sports, solidarity and inclusion, and contributes to reinforcing Lebanon’s positive image on the international scene. Here are the results by category:


1. Bilal Awada (Lebanese Army)

2. Imad Jezzini (Internal Security Forces)

3. Zaher Zeineddine (Lebanese Army)


1. Bryony Stein (Blue Stars)

2. Rosalie Faddoul

3. Nour Ghosaini (Antonins)

Athletes with reduced mobility:


1. Youssef el-Mawla

2. Ahmad Layoun


1. Ahmad el-Ghoul

2. Ahmad Chebli

3. Bilal Sawda

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