The Lebanese delegation continues its journey in the fourth Youth Winter Olympics, currently held in Gangwon, South Korea, where Marcelino Tawk, Cyril Ladhim and Karen Succar will compete in deep snow skiing races on Monday, January 29 and Tuesday, January 30.

The head of the delegation and member of the Executive Committee of the Lebanese Olympic Committee, Raymond Succar, reported that Touq, Ladhim and Succar have been rigorously following a training program supervised by the coaching staff over the past two days. They completed a practice session during the official opening of the race track to familiarize themselves with its course.

He noted that the Lebanese team is in the best possible condition, and they hope to achieve good results. Competition at the Olympics is fierce, with advanced nations participating. It is worth mentioning that skiing requires high physical fitness, which can be achieved through external training camps. Unfortunately, the delegation did not have the financial means to facilitate such developmental plans in line with a national vision.

Succar mentioned that he met several figures in the organizing committee of the Games, the Korean Olympic Committee and the Korean Ski Association to discuss hosting Lebanese delegations in skiing training camps to enhance their level.

Coach Samer Tawk expressed satisfaction with the preparations of the Lebanese team, which had been training in Lebanon for a year and a half after achieving the ranking and qualification points for the event. He trusts the players to shoulder their responsibilities adequately.

The Lebanese team will compete on Monday, January 29, in the short race (sprint) over a distance of 5.1 kilometers. The competition will mainly include European and Scandinavian countries, in addition to countries from South America such as Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, where the levels are close.

Lebanon began its journey in the event with Alpine skiing competitions featuring players Kiana Sakkal and Alexander Hayek, who have returned to Lebanon.

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