The Israeli artillery broke late in the afternoon, on Monday, the precarious calm that had prevailed during the day.

Tel Aviv’s army targeted the outskirts of the towns of Rab al-Thalathine and Taybeh, in the Marjayoun caza.

A drone strike was carried out on Taybeh, but the device was shot down by Hezbollah fighters, prompting the Israeli army to shell the area to prevent anyone from approaching.

Still in the same locality, a team of firemen from the pro-Iranian group came under Israeli fire while trying to put out a blaze. One of its members was wounded by shrapnel to the chest and was immediately taken to a local hospital.

A second Israeli drone fired flares to start fires at the southern part of the town of Shebaa, in the Hasbaya caza.

In the  evening, Israeli fighter jets carried out three air strikes on the jurds of Masa and Janta in the Bekaa, where Civil Defense fire crews were putting out fires. The raids, which were heard throughout the central and western Bekaa, caused no casualties. However, a Civil Defense vehicle was damaged.