A Syrian registered truck carrying weapons was intercepted by security forces on Monday after catching fire on the Batroun highway, north of Beirut.

According to preliminary information, an electrical short caused the truck transporting goods to catch fire. Firefighting teams from the Lebanese Civil Defense rushed to the scene to extinguish the fire, only to discover that it contained a quantity of weapons.

Immediately, security and military forces established a security cordon around the area.

Initial reports said the truck was loaded from a ship belonging to a Palestinian, identified as Muhammad al-Youssef. It docked at the port of Tripoli, and it is loaded with Turkish-made weapons, including pistols and other types of arms that were not disclosed. The weapons were concealed in the back of the vehicle.

It is not the first time that weapons have been smuggled into Lebanon by the Palestinian suspect who is wanted by the authorities under several arrest warrants.

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