A Hezbollah official has expressed “discomfort and exasperation” over the aggravating developments in South Lebanon in view of the “unimaginable damage” that the region has sustained since the pro-Iranian party opened its so-called “support front” for Gaza on October 8.

The official’s frustration with what is happening in the South was conveyed to a political figure from the (pro-Hezbollah) March 8 camp.

Hezbollah is reportedly preventing the media from transmitting the true extent of the destruction in the South. Close circles reveal that party officials are preparing a study and assessment of the substantial damage as a prelude to procuring the funds to assist people when they return to their homes and livelihoods.

It has become clear, according to Hezbollah officials, that the party’s popularity within its environment has declined, after it has become evident that opening the southern front against Israel did not have a positive effect on the war, nor did it serve Gaza. It rather resulted in vast destruction and proved that Israel commands a military technology superior to Hezbollah’s.