In his Easter address on Sunday, the Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros al-Rai, emphasized the urgent need for comprehensive peace in the face of escalating regional tensions.

Expressing concern over the potential escalation of conflicts, he asked, “How can we accept being lured into a war that affects the south and may extend its impact to other regions?” adding, “The Lord’s Resurrection is a call to remove fear from our souls and cultivate peace.”

Additionally, denouncing the violence taking place in the war on Gaza, al-Rai stated, “Our culture is that of peacemaking and not war, so by what right do the rulers of countries invade houses, demolish them, kill their people, and displace their inhabitants?”

“How can we accept this killing and systematic demolition in Gaza?” he added.

In his closing remarks, the Maronite Patriarch also urged for a collective rejection of violence and war, emphasizing the need for “political, economic, social, and alimentary peace.”