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Amidst escalating tensions between Israel and Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, the pro-Iranian party attempted to implicate the village of Rmeish in its “resistance efforts,” as if the damage inflicted on the South since October 8 was not enough.

Rmeish residents, who have only recently started to return to their homes and lives after more than five months of cross-border violence initiated by Hezbollah in alleged support to Hamas in the war in Gaza, refuse to have their town used in the pro-Iranian party’s military activities.

Rmeish Mayor Milad Alam explained in an interview with This is Beirut that the problem erupted unexpectedly on Tuesday morning, “when people woke up to the sounds of unusual movements in the street.”

“When one of the residents attempted to confront the (armed) individuals, a verbal altercation ensued, which escalated into gunfire being discharged into the air. The residents, the municipality and the police then gathered to patrol the neighborhood,” Alam said.

He also emphasized that the “Lebanese Army was directly called to the scene and was present when rockets were fired from the town’s perimeter.”

For the residents of Rmeish, this incident is a stark reminder of the brittle security they strive to maintain amidst the chaos in the area.

“We are (trying) to have somewhat of a normal life. We have no intention of changing that. However, given that the war has been ongoing for almost six months, we are aware that incidents like yesterday’s could happen at any time.” Alam clarified,

Hezbollah’s media relations denied in a statement their involvement in the incident in Rmeish. “We deny the false and malicious news that circulated in the media about the attempt by the Islamic Resistance to fire rockets from inside the town of Rmeish or from the neighborhood of its school or the neighborhood of the town in general,” the statement read.

“The parties that insist on launching these false rumors are slanderers and instigators of strife among the Lebanese and work in the service of the enemy and its goals, knowingly or unknowingly,” the statement continued.

In response to Hezbollah’s denial, Alam maintained his stance, urging all parties to prioritize the safety and well-being of civilians. “We have no interest in making a fuss,” he said, adding, “Stay away from our families, children, the elderly and homes, and keep them away from the war activity. I imagine this is a natural demand.”

Alam also reiterated the town’s allegiance to the Lebanese Armed Forces stressing, “Our legitimacy is the Lebanese Army, and our protection is the state.”

A similar incident occurred in southern Lebanon in 2021, when Hezbollah gunmen attempted to pass through Chouaya, a predominantly Druze area, after launching rockets at Israel. Residents then intercepted the gunmen and seized the truck loaded with the rocket launchers.