At least nine Lebanese and Palestinian militiamen were killed in Israeli bombings and raids in southern Lebanon on Monday.

Four people were first killed during the day after an Israeli bombardment of a building in the border town of Maroun el-Ras. In a statement, Hezbollah announced the deaths of Ali Ahmad Mehanna and Mohammed Baker Hassan Bassam.

Later, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad announced the deaths of two of its fighters in southern Lebanon, Mohammad Moussa Fares and Sleiman Shehade Sleiman, killed “on the border,” according to a statement by the Palestinian jihadist organization.

Late last night, three other anti-Israeli fighters were killed in a raid on the village of Talloussa: Hassan Ahmad Termos, Hussein Mohamad Haris and Ahmad Hussein Termos.

An Israeli drone targeted a car near the government hospital in Bint Jbeil on Monday, severely injuring Mohammad Alawi, Hezbollah’s bureau chief in Maroun el-Ras.

The Israeli army confirmed that it targeted a vehicle carrying Hezbollah members. The army spokesperson also stated that Israel destroyed several Hezbollah facilities in the areas of Odaisseh and Khiam, as well as a military position in the regions of Tayr Harfa, Maroun al-Ras and Jebbayn, where ambulances were dispatched to the scene.

Early on Monday afternoon, Israel bombed the towns of Dhayra, Tayr Harfa, Jebbayn, Majdal Zoun, Marwahin and Labbouneh.

A drone also targeted Jabal al-Rihan in Iqlim al-Tuffah, and airstrikes hit the towns of Tayr Harfa, Khiam, Tallet al-Awida and Maroun al-Ras on Monday morning.

Southern Lebanon faced a tense night following intense bombings on Sunday and airstrikes that resulted in the death of two fighters from the Amal movement and several injuries in Chihine.

Throughout the night, the Israeli army deployed illuminating bombs above villages adjacent to the Blue Line. Unusually intense reconnaissance flights were also conducted over Tyre and Bint Jbeil during the night and on Monday morning.