Israel intensified artillery bombardments of South Lebanon villages early evening Saturday, including a barrage of shells that crashed into residential neighborhoods in the village of Houla, killing one civilian and injuring nine others.

The casualties occurred when shells struck the entrance of a mosque as worshipers walked out after evening prayers. The wounded were rushed to governmental hospitals in Bint Jbeil and Tibnine for treatment.

Earlier today, Israel expanded the range of its air attacks, hitting targets deeper inside Lebanese territory, killing three and injuring others in Jadra, Iqlim al Kharroub, north of Saida.

According to initial reports, the raid, which targeted a car, was aimed at a Palestinian figure associated with Hamas, who survived the attack. Among the casualties, two were on a motorcycle offering assistance when they were hit by another missile, along with a Syrian passerby.

Israeli Army radio announced that the target in Jadra was a Hamas official in Lebanon.

It was the first time since the opening of the front in southern Lebanon on October 8 that Israel carried out an attack more than 70 km from the Lebanese-Israeli border.

The village of Khiam was also the target of an early-morning Israeli raid that left three Syrian nationals wounded.

Other raids were reported in Jabal Blat, Labbouneh, Hamoul, Markaba and Kounine, as well as in Naqoura, where a house was targeted, near UNIFIL’s headquarters.

Israeli artillery bombardments also targeted the villages of Hanine and Rmeish, Alma el-Shaab, Dhayra, Khiam, Rashaya, Tayr Harfa, Jebbayn, Labbouneh and Kfar Hamam, while smoke bombs were dropped on the Marjayoun valley.

In this context, Hezbollah reported the deaths of two of its members, one in the Jadra strike and the other in the Naqoura strike.

The pro-Iranian group also claimed responsibility for attacks on the Branit barracks and a gathering of Israeli soldiers in Hadb Aita, as well as a building housing soldiers in the Manara settlement.

At the same time, the Hezb announced that it had seized control of an Israeli Skylark drone, technically in good condition.

On the Israeli side, alarm sirens sounded in six villages in the western Galilee, including Ras el-Naqoura, Hanita and Shlomi.

Israeli army radio reported the firing of 10 missiles from Lebanon into the Western Galilee.

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