In a day of holiness and prayer, Lebanon’s bells echoed joyfully from Lebanon to the Vatican in honor of Saint Charbel on Friday morning.

Worshipers gathered in prayer around the Saint Charbel Annaya church and places of worship across Lebanon, as Church bells rang for 5 minutes at 10:30 Beirut time, simultaneously with the installation of a moisaic depicting St Charbel at the Vatican.

In a solemn moment, the mosaic, crafted meticulously in a specialized Vatican workshop using techniques dating back to the 16th century and blessed by Pope Francis last autumn, was installed on one of the walls surrounding the tomb of Saint Paul VI in Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Following the ceremony, a mass was held, presided by Bishop Youhanna Warcha, the delegate of the Maronite Patriarchate to the Holy See.


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