On the 65th day of the war in Gaza, and as the confrontation between Hezbollah and Israel enters its third month, footage of a neighborhood in Aytaroun in South Lebanon evokes destruction in Gaza.

The Israeli army escalated its attacks Sunday afternoon, wounding four people in ruthless air raids that destroyed an entire neighborhood in the border town of Aytaroun, according to the National News Agency (NNA).

Many houses were leveled to the ground or severely damaged.

Ambulance crews rushed to the scene.

Israeli warplanes had carried out an air raid earlier, targeting a specific house in Aytaroun with an air-to-ground missile.

Additionally, an Israeli drone strike targeted Wadi Khiam, while the outskirts of Naqoura were subjected to artillery shelling and a missile crashed in the vicinity of a mosque in the town of Marwahin.

From Hezbollah’s side, a statement was issued declaring that they have targeted at “3:00 PM on Sunday, December 10, 2023, Israeli positions in Zabdeen and Ruwaysat al-Alam on the hills of Kfarshuba and the occupied Shebaa Farms with (Iranian-made) Burkan (volcano) rockets, inflicting direct hits.”

Several rockets were also fired from Lebanon to Southern Galilee, slightly injuring six Israeli soldiers, according to Sky News.

Earlier in the day, cautious calm had prevailed, yet the airspace over villages adjacent to the Blue Line was violated by Israeli reconnaissance aircraft in the western and middle sectors.

Israeli reconnaissance planes were also seen over Beirut at around midday.

Early Sunday morning, cross-border violence picked up again in South Lebanon with missile exchanges and Israeli air raids, following a night during which the Israeli army continued to launch flares over the villages of Tyre and the coastal area.

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