The United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, expressed deep cocern about the escalating tensions in southern Lebanon amid the war between Hamas and Israel.

In an interview with CNN, Guterres said, “the most complex situation that we (the United Nations) face is in relation to Lebanon.”

Guterres warned of Hezbollah’s potential confrontation with Israel saying, “If Hezbollah launches an attack on Israel, it will create an impact, but I’m sure of one thing, Lebanon would not survive.”

He emphasized that he had contacted Iran “to pressure Hamas into releasing its hostages,” and “to tell Hezbollah to avoid a situation in which Lebanon will be completely engulfed in the conflict.”

“We must do everything to avoid the escalation of the confrontation that would cause a massive offensive of Hezbollah and a massive response from Israel, in which Lebanon will be completely destroyed,” stated Guterres.

Guterres also assured that he had talked to Hezbollah and that he will remain in “close contact” with the Lebanese authorities to contain the situation.