Chairman and CEO of the Habitat Bank (BDH) Antoine Habib announced on Tuesday that starting June 1, the BDH will provide loans to rehabilitate housing for people with disabilities.

Habib met the President of the National Society for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Nawaf Kabbara, and discussed with him BDH’s new project, which involves “granting loans to improve and renovate housing for people with disabilities.”

Moreover, Habib revealed that any disabled person could benefit from this loan, following the procedural steps put in place. These steps begin first with the submission of the loan application, which will be studied by a specialized team of engineers, in order to determine the loan’s amount, according to the renovation or improvement needs of the disabled person’s home.

He also pointed out that BDH was seriously considering granting loans to disabled employers to rehabilitate their work centers, and was at the same time studying the possibility of supporting the rehabilitation of work centers for disabled employees in the private sector, in order to make life easier for them.

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