Caretaker Minister of Energy Walid Fayad emphasized in a recent interview with the LBCI television channel that progress in the electricity sector plan is positive, but lamented its slow pace. He underscored the lack of attention from politicians and decision-makers towards the energy sector, stressing its critical role in the economy.

“The economy hinges on electricity,” he reiterated, noting that it is a collective responsibility between entities like the Central Bank, the Ministry of Finance, the government and the media.

Fayad emphasized the importance of utilizing environmentally friendly power plants.

“After reducing energy demand and incorporating solar energy, we will soon require an additional large-scale production plant alongside the existing ones (Deir Ammar, Al-Zahrani, Al-Zouk, and Jiyeh),” he stated.

He believes that this approach will ensure sustainable electricity production and address the ongoing energy challenges.

Regarding environmental concerns, Fayad suggested that private generators should install necessary filters to reduce pollution.