Caretaker Minister of Finance Youssef Khalil announced on Monday that the financial stamp fee for official exams applications will be collected in cash “in order to facilitate matters for citizens in completing all transactions related to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, especially applications for official exams and requests for obtaining official certificates,” he said.

In the statement, the Ministry stated: “As an exceptional measure, citizens are allowed to pay the financial stamp fee in cash instead of using paper financial stamps and transaction seals.”

“The fees can exceptionally be collected in all educational zones in Beirut and the governorates in cash from citizens instead of paper financial stamps and dowry transactions,” as explained in the statement. “The relevant authorities in the educational areas in Beirut and the provinces are responsible for collecting the total amount of the paid financial stamp fee in cash at the nearest treasury box affiliated with the Ministry of Finance in Beirut and the regions within a deadline of three working days from the end of each week.”

This decision was reached after consultations between Caretaker Minister of Finance Youssef Khalil and Caretaker Minister of Education Abbas Halabi.