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Following her debut song La petite grande, Dia Audi releases Le mensonge that blends French hip hop-rap and electronic music, on a base of subtle afro beats. With her artistic videos infused with contemporary dance, her lyrics resonate, once again showcasing an innovative spirit and a creative soul.

Composed by Aleph Abi Saad, arranged and produced by Philippe Dib, recorded, mixed and mastered at The Brain Studio, written and sung by Dia Audi, directed by Jana Younes, DOP Pauline Maroun, choreographed by Jens Bjerregaard, and performed by dancers Lilia Hajj, Zeina Yaghi, Alissa Sadek, and Mary Bark, Dia Audi’s video is spreading fast on social media, captivating an audience eager for new and different creations, as “a reflection of a lost self, a corrupted society.”

Speaking about the inspiration that drove her to bring this project to life after the first one, she confirms that these two creations are part of a certain continuity: “These first two songs will indeed be part of the same EP. You could say there is a certain continuity in the fact that they are very personal, and that both were written following a long period of introspection, observations, and questioning. It’s as if they lived inside me long before being scratched onto paper and eventually becoming songs.”

Discussing the social prototypes that revolt her, she asserts: “Apart from injustice, racism, and violence, which I think are shocking to everyone, I find it particularly difficult to tolerate intolerance, judgment, lack of authenticity, being ‘fake’, pretending just to keep up appearances, to belong to a certain category. These are precisely the subjects I address in this song.”

When asked which artistic expression speaks to her the most: writing, singing, or dancing, she says: “For me personally, it’s singing first, then writing. Yet, dance is an art form that I admire immensely. It seems very powerful and somewhat difficult to tell a story through body movements… A little secret? It’s one of my regrets, I wish I could have kept going and never stopped my dance classes.”

Regarding what encourages her to keep creating in an unstable world, and if she believes in the power of art to make a difference, Dia Audi responds: “Creating allows me to dive into a personal parenthesis, far from the daily tumult. It’s a need, I couldn’t stop doing it even if I wanted to. I would say that art can alter our world. Artistic creations affect us, they trigger particular emotions that could be a catalyst for change. They touch our bodies but also our minds. They have the power to influence and change our way of thinking and perceiving things. If art can’t change the world, it can certainly amend our vision of the world.”

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