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On May 15, 2024, at the Basil Soda fashion house in Horsh Tabet, a new era dawned in the world of fashion. Ten years after the untimely death of his father, and under the steadfast leadership of his mother, Denise, young Jad Soda proudly unveiled the new Spring/Summer 2025 haute couture collection.

Fashion personalities, press members and loyal clients were delighted to discover 32 dresses that embodied delicate and pure beauty in an ethereal ambiance. The fashion house, transformed into a field of refined butterflies, set the stage for the graceful and elegant silhouettes of the models. True to his father’s legacy, marked by two decades of excellence and innovation, and a decade after his departure, Jad Soda takes up the mantle of the Basil Soda house.

Like a cocoon transforming into a butterfly through its precious chrysalis, the metamorphosis is achieved through the son’s artistry, channeling his father’s strength. As he looks back with reverence, he also opens his art and soul to a promising future. The latest Basil Soda collection celebrates the deep and subtle symbolism of butterflies. This season, supported by his resilient mother, Jad Soda revitalizes the graceful wings of these butterflies, enchanting an emotional audience.

Each piece in this collection is an ode to beauty and grace. Embracing change and discovery, the metamorphosis redefines Basil Soda’s identity, characterized by elegance and resilience. Each dress is a work of art. The observer is treated to a magical display of carefully selected fabrics, highlighting the pure and delicate beauty of butterflies. Luxurious silk, airy tulle, refined lace and light satin are adorned with hand-set pearls and Swarovski stones, adding a sophisticated touch to the garments that flutter with lightness and fluidity. This highlights the rich details and craftsmanship celebrated by the brand.

Although delicate and pure, these dress-jewels are a testament to the power and splendor of femininity, the fundamental identity of Basil Soda. “At Basil Soda, we are committed to pushing boundaries and embracing creativity in all our projects,” Jad states. The atelier where he has thrived since childhood is his haven of creativity and exploration.

Over the years, Basil Soda’s designs have dazzled on red carpets and at major international celebrations, attracting the attention of celebrities and royalty worldwide. It is with great pride that we await Basil Soda’s especially-conceived creation for Nadine Labaki at the 77th Cannes Film Festival.

The Basil Soda Spring/Summer 2025 Haute Couture collection is a tribute to an enduring image of excellence. Through the creative direction of Jad Soda, it embodies the brand’s commitment to progress and innovation. With the unwavering dedication and contribution of Denise Soda, a partner and pillar since the house’s founding in 2000, the brand continues to epitomize sophistication, elegance and expertise.

Like a butterfly delicately transforming, a new era of beauty and elegance, guided by Jad Soda, has recently been unveiled.