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Helena Noguerra, renowned for her insatiable literary appetite, is currently portraying Frida Kahlo at La Scala Paris until June 23, 2024. This transition from private reading to public performance signifies a pivotal shift in her career, wherein she aims to impart her deep love for literature to a broader audience.

From her early years, Helena Noguerra has been an avid reader. Her boundless curiosity has led her to traverse a vast spectrum of authors and styles, ranging from Noddy to Mirbeau, and from Duras to Kundera, Colette, Sagan and Cioran. This eclectic reading journey has enriched her mind and deepened her understanding of the human condition. As she states, “Thanks to these readings, I vicariously experienced fates and sensations remote from my own, which endowed me with a sort of precocious maturity, a heightened sensitivity, and an awareness of the diversity of sentiments and, paradoxically, the universality of human emotions.”

Today, driven by a desire to share this passion, Helena has embraced the role of a public reader. Her objective is clear: to convey the life-preserving power of literature, a sentiment she encapsulates in the statement, “Literature has often saved my life.” With this philosophy, she invites audiences to explore the correspondences of Frida Kahlo, marked by pain, zest for life, romantic challenges, a passion for painting, and an uncompromising political commitment. Helena says, “To share and inspire, that is what motivates me: to become your reader.”

Frida Kahlo, whose art and life continue to captivate a wide artistic audience, was an artist of unmatched authenticity. Her unique, instantly recognizable style is characterized by vibrant self-portraits, intense colors, and a rich iconography that incorporates autobiographical and Mexican cultural elements. She boldly addressed themes such as pain, suffering, death, sexuality and femininity, shattering taboos and expressing herself with raw authenticity that still resonates with many today. The artist is also celebrated as a feminist icon and a source of inspiration. Despite numerous adversities, including polio in her childhood, a severe accident in her adolescence, and chronic poor health, she exhibited remarkable resilience. Her work celebrates the complexity, beauty and imperfections of women, challenging traditional norms of femininity and encouraging women to fully embrace their identities.

As a cultural and political figure, Frida Kahlo proudly embraced her Mexican heritage, which vibrantly reflected in her art. She gave voice to the marginalized and oppressed, exploring themes of discrimination, suffering and the struggle for social justice. Her impact extends beyond the confines of art to touch on the universality of human experiences. Frida Kahlo’s story, told with sincerity through her works, continues to engage a wide audience. Her popularity in contemporary popular culture is ever-increasing, with her image appearing on apparel, accessories and home decor. This enhanced visibility promotes broader recognition of her work, and fosters renewed interest in this exceptional artist. As Helena Noguerra steps into the role of Frida Kahlo, she revives an artist and invites everyone to explore the depths of a tormented and brilliantly creative soul.