Jounieh is set to host an exceptional event that promises to enchant music and theater lovers alike. On June 7 and 8, the Ambassadors Hall at Casino du Liban will resonate with Mourir sur Scène, a theatrical production paying tribute to Dalida, the timeless icon of French, English and Arabic music.

Under the direction of Roy El Khouri, Mourir sur Scène is not just a concert but a true theatrical spectacle. The show stars Mirva Kadi, accompanied by renowned artists such as Matteo el Khodr, Mabelle Rahmeh, and the inimitable Bassem Feghali. Together, they will perform Dalida’s greatest hits, supported by a live band and an energetic dance troupe.

Spectators will also enjoy the privilege of an open bar and small bites, adding a touch of luxury to their evening.

Mirva Kadi, a rising star on the Lebanese scene, plays a central role in this show. Born in Cannes in 1986, Mirva began her career as a model before turning to audiovisual arts and music. With a degree in Audiovisual Arts, she discovered her passion for singing and has since embraced this vocation.

Mirva has made her mark in the music world with singles like Khatak Mashghoul and Kol Dakika, the latter produced in collaboration with Caroline Labaki. In addition to her musical career, Mirva has also distinguished herself as an actress in productions like The Farm (2024), Al Wasem (2022), and Bebe (2013).

With elaborate scenography, dazzling costumes, and a display of multiple talents, Mourir sur Scène promises to be an unforgettable experience. The show will not only celebrate Dalida’s musical legacy but also her lasting impact on pop culture.

Dalida, whose real name was Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti, was an Italian-born singer and actress who achieved phenomenal success in the 1960s and 1970s. Her powerful voice, glamorous style and poignant songs made her a beloved icon worldwide. Although her life was marked by personal tragedies, her art remains a source of inspiration for generations of artists.

Mourir sur Scène pays homage to this remarkable legacy, presenting it in a new and dynamic light. With Mirva Kadi at the helm, supported by a talented cast and a beautiful production, the show promises to delight long-time fans of Dalida as well as those discovering her work for the first time.

Don’t miss this unique celebration of Dalida’s life and music. Book your tickets now for Mourir sur Scène, on June 7 and 8 at the Ambassadors Hall – Casino du Liban, by visiting Virgin Ticketing Box Office.