The Lens for Hope initiative, spearheaded by renowned photographer Maher Attar, represents a personal commitment to human initiatives through the medium of photography. Photography lovers should mark their calendars for Saturday, April 6, 2024, for the good cause of saving the life of Chris. The exhibition will welcome visitors from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

The exhibition ‘Lens of Hope’ is poised to feature an eclectic collection of works by seven internationally acclaimed photographers, including Maher Attar, Khodr Cherri, Michel Soufia, Wissam Khoury, Chloe Khoury, Alfred Moussa, and Mohammad Kaakil. Among these artists, four are celebrated for their global renown, while the remaining three are distinguished emerging talents in the field.

The event is scheduled to unfold within a singular exhibition space at the Art District, located in Beirut. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore fifteen masterpieces, each embodying unique perspectives and narratives. This curated selection aims not only to showcase artistic excellence but also to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of photography as a form of expression.

In a gesture of profound generosity, it has been announced that 100% of the proceeds garnered from the sale will be dedicated to the noble cause of saving the life of Chris, diagnosed with genetic disorder.

This event underscores the power of art as a vehicle for change, demonstrating how creative endeavors can contribute significantly to charitable causes. It offers a unique opportunity for patrons and enthusiasts alike to engage with the photographic arts while simultaneously supporting a life-saving initiative.

It is no wonder that Maher Attar raised this initiative, as he combines his background as an award-winning photographer with his wartime photography and lifestyle portraits of world leaders and celebrities in 1984. He also started his career as a war photographer working in Lebanon. His debut as a press photographer was launched in 1985 by a moving photo taken during the war in Lebanon that made it to the front page of the New York Times. Maher covered the Iran-Iraq war, the Gulf war, the Afghanistan Taliban war, the Achille Lauro hijacking, and the American and French hostage crises in Lebanon, among other conflicts and events in the Middle East.

“I have always dreamt of a unique place like Art District where photography lovers and collectors can enjoy the gallery’s exhibitions and browse a collection of photography books from all over the world. I also incorporated a studio in the gallery where I can use analogue techniques to produce memorable portraits and masterpieces. My goal is to enhance the status of fine art photography in Lebanon,” he attests.

Thus, by hosting this event for a good cause, Art District will definitely make a difference in humanizing a small corner of the world. May this act set the path for similar initiatives.