From February 3 to March 3, 2024, the Anima Gallery in Doha, Qatar, presents an individual exhibition by Jean Boghossian titled “Flames.” The exhibition reflects the rich journey of the artist, who transitioned from jeweler to visionary artist. Boghossian’s complex art of creation with precious metals and gems laid the foundation for his fascination with the transformative power of fire, a central tool in both jewelry making and his current artistic practice.

Titled “Flames,” the exhibition showcases a vast collection of works exploring themes such as environmental preservation, the wrath of nature and the consequences of war in the Middle East, reflecting the artist’s profound contemplation of our world. It marks an important chapter in Boghossian’s artistic journey.

At the heart of “Flames” lies Boghossian’s unique approach to fire, which he applies to various mediums including canvas, paper, books and plastics. Several themes or series illustrate this transformative power of fire. The Wave series is a fusion of collages, plaster and paint, depicting a dynamic wave symbolizing the untamed force of nature. The Volcano series, a continuation, captures the elemental fury of volcanic eruptions by integrating fire with motifs of water, earth and air. The Regattas series is inspired by the sight of sailboats, initially exhibited in Monaco, as well as the piece Atomium from the Clash series, which utilizes resin, smoke and pigment on steel or aluminum. These pieces evoke the movement and elegance of sails, representing the transformative interaction between nature and human craftsmanship. The Flaming Flow series captures the dynamic release of energy and ambition. In contrast, the piece Alternance, a variant of the same series, stands out for its distinct use of colors, representing changing perspectives and phases of creative pursuit. The exhibition culminates with the Missile series, where Boghossian employs a visual technique mimicking the appearance of a photographic negative to represent the form of a missile. This artistic choice aims to create a profound visual impact, serving as a metaphorical device reflecting on current global conflicts. Through the concept of the “missing missile,” the artist invites deep reflection on the causes of war, the necessity of peace, and the inversely proportional relationship between technological advancement in war and the preservation of human dignity.

A Unique Artistic Language

The Anima Gallery, located at the St. Regis Hotel on Marsa Arabia Island, the Pearl, in Doha, is proud to present this exhibition as part of its objectives. Inaugurated in March 2012, the gallery specializes in two main sectors: creating exhibitions and providing artistic advisory services. It organizes two major annual exhibitions focusing on contemporary art, as well as featuring local, regional and international artists, ranging from emerging talents to established figures in various artistic disciplines.

The opening night of “Flames” saw a large turnout of official personalities from the diplomatic, political, artistic and media worlds, who came to meet Boghossian and his work. This trend is expected to continue throughout the month. Jean Boghossian, a multidisciplinary Belgian artist born in 1949 of Lebanese-Armenian descent, into a family of jewelers, worked in the family business while studying economics and sociology at Saint-Joseph University in Beirut. Following the 1975 war in Lebanon, he decided to settle in Belgium, where his artistic passion flourished. He enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Boitsfort while remaining active in the family jewelry business. In 1992, he founded the Boghossian Foundation at the Villa Empain in Brussels with his brother and father, reflecting his commitment to the arts and his cosmopolitan identity. In recent years, he exhibited in Belgium, Monaco, Venice, Palermo… His representation of the Republic of Armenia Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale in 2017 was a significant milestone in his career. Currently, he continues his artistic journey with several solo exhibitions planned for 2024, aiming to further highlight his unique artistic language and the evolving nature of his work.

We hope to see him in Beirut, where art galleries abound to welcome him.

Article penned by Nelly Helou