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In a remarkable accolade, American pop singer Taylor Swift has been named Time magazine’s Person of the Year for 2023. This announcement, made on Wednesday, honors the artist’s phenomenal influence on the music industry, particularly through a tour that has achieved overwhelming success.

Sam Jacobs, Time’s Editor-in-Chief, highlights Taylor Swift’s immeasurable impact on contemporary society. He notes that the artist has distinguished herself by her commitment to valuing dreams and experiences, especially those of often neglected and underestimated women. Her ability to create a world that is uniquely hers while encompassing a broad audience, as well as her contribution to global legends and joy in a society desperately seeking hope, are cited as key reasons for this choice.

At 33 years old, Taylor Swift, whose career began over 15 years ago in Nashville, the heartland of country music, continues to add accolades to an already long list of successes. Her albums and re-releases, including “1989 (Taylor’s Version),” frequently top American charts.

Swift has also made headlines for her criticism of ticketing giant Ticketmaster following disorder in ticket sales for her tour. This issue led to the platform, often criticized for its dominant position, to explain itself before the United States Congress.

Since her first album in 2006, Swift has secured the number one spot in US sales for 13 out of her 14 albums. Her career reached new heights in 2023 with “The Eras Tour,” which promises to exceed one billion dollars in revenue, a historic record in the music industry.

Beyond her musical triumphs, Taylor Swift is also recognized for her business acumen. A billionaire according to Forbes, she is famous for re-recording her early albums to reclaim lost rights, a move that has seen tremendous success.

Lucian Grainge, CEO of Universal Music Group, compares this strategy in Time to Picasso repainting his works with more contemporary colors. The artist, adored by her fans, the “Swifties,” is also seen as a feminist icon. Though her political stances are rare, they are significant, such as her support for Joe Biden in 2020.

In a rare and in-depth interview with Time, Taylor Swift discusses power dynamics and economics in a patriarchal society, highlighting the increasing significance of feminine ideas and artworks.

Lastly, Taylor Swift has recently been in the spotlight for her romantic relationship with Kansas City Chiefs American football player Travis Kelce, a story that has delighted the tabloids.

This distinction by Time marks a significant milestone in the already impressive career of Taylor Swift, acknowledging her indelible influence in the world of music and beyond.

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