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Josyane Boulos, artistic and administrative director of Le Monnot Theatre, has embraced her role with unwavering passion. Her dedication to the theater is tangible, as she fervently supports new productions, emerging artists, and youth. Her mission is to transform the theatre into a welcoming space for all audiences, extending her efforts internationally to forge new collaborations.

For December and the 2024 season, Le Monnot Theatre’s agenda is notably diverse, featuring a variety of genres and successful collaborations. Josyane Boulos, in her multifaceted role as the artistic and administrative director, producer, and actress, offers an insider’s perspective on the complex process of program selection.

Why are you considering a new staging for your play? Is it a question of reimagining La fille qui aimait Julio?

Initially, the play is transitioning from the ACT, Le Monnot’s smaller stage, to the big one. This shift necessitates a new staging approach. New staging typically presents a fresh, contemporary perspective on a story or play, thereby captivating a new audience or allowing for a rediscovery of the production from a different vantage point. I sought Olivier Sauton’s direction to explore greater depths in my acting and uncover alternative interpretive possibilities. Collaborating with an artist from a different cultural background is enlightening, and I eagerly await the outcome.

How does this year end at the theater? What new plays and activities are scheduled?

This year concludes splendidly despite the prevailing challenges. A diverse array of festive performances mark the holiday season. The autumn season, marking the opening, saw several plays reach full capacity: Fabrice Luchini et moi, Layle fiya daw amar, Tnayn Tnayn, and Moujaddara Hamra.

For December, the lineup includes Moujaddara Hamra, Wara’ Bol, La fille qui aimait Julio or Al Benet Yalle 7abet Julio in Lebanese, Qafir El Nahl, Des femmes, Fabrice Luchini et moi, and Home for Christmas, a children’s play featuring Cynthya Karam, in addition to a Christmas concert.

What are your plans for 2024, and what strategy does the theatre employ?

The 2024 schedule is finalized, barring unforeseen circumstances, with two major programming highlights. First, in March, a revival of Raymond Gebara’s plays, directed by four distinct directors: Gabriel Yammine, Julia Kassar, Rifaat Torbey, and Antoine Achkar. Secondly, in spring, the world premiere of Journée de Noces chez les Cromagnons, written and directed by Wajdi Mouawad in Lebanese, featuring a Lebanese cast, is a joint effort between Théâtre La Colline and Le Monnot. I will personally return to the ACT stage in February in a musical written and directed by Samer Hanna. Indeed, I will be singing and dancing!

Our goal is to maintain a varied and insightful program to attract a broad audience increasingly accustomed to theatre-going.

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