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In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that rocked Morocco, claiming over 1300 lives, the French cultural sector is expressing poignant solidarity and mobilizing to assist the distressed Moroccans. Calls for donations are multiplying, and several emblematic figures are highlighting their deep sympathy and commitment to the Moroccan people affected by this tragedy.

The actor and comedian Gad Elmaleh issued a passionate call for solidarity on BFMTV, encouraging everyone to contribute to the collective relief effort, emphasizing that “every penny counts.” The Franco-Moroccan artist expresses genuine empathy for the victims and is considering organizing a significant philanthropic initiative, in collaboration with other artists, to support the rescue operations on the ground.

His voice is joined by that of Elie Semoun, another comedian of Moroccan origin, whose emotion is clearly evident as he speaks of his “bleeding heart” in the face of the disaster. Semoun emphasizes the urgency of providing tangible aid and active solidarity to help the survivors resume their lives.

A shockwave of sadness is also spreading on social networks, where the Franco-Moroccan comedian, actor and producer Jamel Debbouze expresses his pain and unwavering support for the victims and their families, calling for widespread mobilization to make a significant contribution during these critical moments.

In an official context, the French Minister of Culture, Rima Abdul Malak, bears witness to Franco-Moroccan solidarity, ensuring that France will stand by Morocco in future efforts to rebuild the secular heritage damaged by this tragic earthquake. This strong message of support and unity highlights the deep and historical relationship between the two nations.

Jack Lang, the former Minister of Culture and current president of the Institute of the Arab World in Paris, spotlighted this tragedy by illuminating the facade of the institute with the poignant message: “Morocco at heart.” This initiative is a symbolic manifestation of solidarity and support of French institutions towards Morocco at this time of national mourning.

As Morocco goes through an extremely dark period, the surge of solidarity and support forming from France is a beacon of light, promising aid and comfort to the many individuals affected by this natural disaster. The coming days will likely see a proliferation of humanitarian initiatives, as the French community, particularly the cultural sector, seeks to contribute to the rebuilding efforts and support for the victims.

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