Internationally acclaimed French singer Jean-Jacques Lafon, renowned for his emotive melodies and deep lyrics, is set to grace the stage at the prestigious Pour l’amour du Liban Gala Dinner at the Salle des Ambassadeurs in Casino du Liban. This event, orchestrated by the eminent production company Icon by Beit Rizk, is scheduled to be an evening suffused with enchantment, solidarity and hope as Lebanon grapples with a dire economic situation.

The event, a harmonious collaboration between Jean-Jacques Lafon and Lebanese vocalist Manel Mallat, aims to encapsulate the deep admiration and affection that Lafon harbors for Lebanon and its people. A focal point of the evening will be the premiere of Lafon’s latest musical release, Liban, an impassioned tribute to the splendor, resilience, and spirit of Lebanon. This composition aims to resonate with listeners, evoking powerful emotions and serving as an anthem of optimism in these arduous times. In addition to celebrating Jean-Jacques Lafon’s connection with Lebanon, the gala dinner will honor the iconic French singer Claude Barzotti, thereby enhancing the nostalgic and emotional communion shared by Jean-Jacques Lafon and his audience.

Gilbert Rizk, journalist and head of Icon, conveyed his anticipation and reflected upon the significance of hosting such an event during Lebanon’s economic crisis. He stated, “Pour l’amour du Liban not only symbolizes Lafon’s profound affection for Lebanon but also underscores the importance of art and music in uniting communities during challenging times. The gala serves as a beacon of hope, reminding the Lebanese people of their resilience and strength to overcome adversity.”

The event’s mission transcends mere entertainment and festivity; it carries a philanthropic objective. A part of the revenue generated from the gala will be allocated to support Rebirth Beirut, a benevolent initiative aimed at aiding in the city’s reconstruction and illumination following the devastating explosion on August 4, 2020.

As the nation endeavors to find its footing amid a trying economic climate, the Pour l’amour du Liban gala emerges as a symbol of Lebanon’s unbreakable spirit. It showcases the divine power of music to assemble people, encourage aspirations and goals and cultivate change, resonating as a melody of unity and resilience in the heart of Lebanon.