Israeli tanks were spotted in central Rafah for the first time on Tuesday, three weeks after the initiation of a widely condemned operation into what had been Gaza’s last safe haven.

According to Reuters, tanks were reportedly sighted near Al-Awda mosque, a landmark in the center of the city, although the Israeli military refused to comment on specific operations. Reuters reports the sighting of Israeli tanks in Rafah’s western neighborhoods, as well as street fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas fighters in the Zurub area.

The Israeli air force continued strikes across the city, following an attack on Sunday evening on a tent-camp that killed 45 Palestinians and triggered global condemnation. Tel Al Sultan, the scene of the deadly strike, remains under heavy bombardment.

Since that strike, 26 more people have been killed, according to Gaza health officials.

For the last three weeks, Israeli forces have largely probed around the edges of Rafah, with some limited pushes in its eastern sectors. The intensification of bombardments in recent days may herald the next stage of Israel’s Rafah offensive.