Gaza’s Civil Defense Agency said on Monday that health workers had uncovered around 200 bodies over the past three days of people killed and buried by Israeli forces at a hospital in Khan Younes.

When asked to comment, the Israeli military said, “We will come back to you on the matter.”

Mahmud Bassal, spokesman for Gaza’s Civil Defense, told AFP that “civil defense crews are still recovering bodies from inside Nasser Medical Complex, and since Saturday bodies of nearly 200 martyrs have been retrieved.”

Bassal said several of the recovered bodies had decomposed.

“There is difficulty in the process of identifying them but civil defense efforts are ongoing,” he said.

On Sunday, Bassal told AFP that some of those killed had been tortured.

Ismail al-Thawabta, head of the Hamas government media office in the Palestinian territory, gave a higher figure of 283 bodies found at the hospital.

“We discovered mass graves inside Nasser Medical Complex” of people killed by “the occupation (Israeli) army,” Thawabta told AFP.

“We demand an international investigation to closely examine these crimes against civilians, children, and women,” he said.

Muhammad al-Mughayyir, a senior official at the Civil Defense Agency, also confirmed the discovery of corpses at the facility, and said the work to retrieve the remaining bodies would continue until Thursday.

With AFP