Activists and families of hostages invaded the Knesset’s plenary hall and proceeded to smear yellow paint on viewing windows in the visitors’ area. They were protesting a lack of government action to free their relatives after 180 days of captivity.

Security officers confronted the protesters and escorted them out of the area, while in the Knesset hall below, legislators were voting on a climate-related bill in which several opposition lawmakers raised their hands in solidarity with the protesters.

Approximately 20 protesters splattered paint on the balcony’s windows, while others raised hands covered in paint and placed them on the glass. The protesters used bright yellow paint, a color that symbolizes the captives’ plight, usually in the form of yellow ribbons.

The demonstration inside the Knesset came less than a day after a rally demanding early elections and a hostage deal in Jerusalem descended into chaos on Tuesday evening, as demonstrators tried to reach Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s home.

Hundreds had camped outside the Knesset since Saturday night, holding nightly rallies and moving the focus of their activity from Tel Aviv.