The Israeli army continued its attacks, despite a UN Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire on Monday. These included targeted operations on hospitals.

On Saturday, the Israeli army said it had hit dozens of targets in central Gaza, and had continued its operations, notably around Gaza’s largest hospital complex “al-Shifa”, as well as al-Nasser and al-Amal.

The Hamas press office, for its part, claimed that some strikes had targeted “homes”, also reporting artillery fire in Gaza City and the south of the small, overpopulated territory.

The recent Israeli raids resulted in the deaths of at least 82 people in 24 hours, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health. The latter also reports that the total number of Palestinians killed since the start of the Israeli offensive stands at over 32,705.

Truce negotiations are expected to resume shortly. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Friday that he had “approved a next round of negotiations, in the coming days, in Doha and Cairo (…) to move forward,” according to his office. Egyptian media reported that talks would resume tomorrow, Sunday, according to security sources in Cairo.

The humanitarian situation in Gaza is disastrous, with famine threatening the majority of the 2.4 million inhabitants. Despite appeals from UN agencies, humanitarian aid is having difficulty reaching the region, which has been under strict Israeli control since 2007. The World Health Organization (WHO) has indicated that 9,000 patients need to be urgently evacuated from Gaza. Most of the Palestinian territory’s hospitals are not functioning and its health system is “barely surviving,” said the UN humanitarian agency OCHA.

However, a second ship left Cyprus today bound for Gaza.

In addition, five Palestinians died this morning during a food distribution in Gaza: three were shot dead and two were crushed in the crowd. The Palestinian Red Crescent reported five dead, three by gunshot, and 30 wounded at the Kuwait traffic circle.

With AFP