Lebanon experienced a historic evening in the world of padel tennis last Sunday at the Nohad Nawfal Complex in Zouk Mikael.

Spectators witnessed high-level exhibition matches featuring international players and the best Lebanese talents. The Lebanese audience, present in large numbers since the afternoon, enthusiastically followed the padel “Champions Challenge” organized by “Pace,” which attracted over two thousand spectators.

Photo by Joe Issa
Award ceremony for Coello and Tapia

The event brought together sports personalities and members of the Lebanese padel community, including coaches and players of all ages, as well as a large number of journalists and media.

Among the players present were prestigious names such as Spanish Arturo Coello (ranked world No. 1), Argentine Agustin Tapia (ranked world No. 3), Spaniard Juan Lebron (ranked world No. 4), and his compatriot Paquito Navarro (ranked world No. 6). They were accompanied by several renowned Lebanese players, such as Jamil Ali Hassan, Ralph Taameh, Tamim Hallak, Najib Fakih, Tony Breika, Antoine Bassil, Bilal Haraki, Charbel Hanna, Alex Boustani, Mark Boustani, Freddy Estephan, as well as Belgian Thomas Will, among others.

Photo by Joe Issa
Award ceremony for Lebron and Navarro

Qualifications began Sunday morning between the world champions and the Lebanese padel family at the Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut. The Lebanese audience had the opportunity to directly interact with the world champions in warm dialogues.

Similar to padel courts worldwide, the Nohad Nawfal Complex turned into a dazzling spectacle of colors and lights, accompanied by loud music and the frenetic enthusiasm of the audience following the live finals.

In the final results of the local tournament, the Lebanese duo Mark Boustani and Tamim Hallak clinched first place by defeating Lebanese Najib Fakih and Argentine Santi. The evening culminated with an exciting match between the world champions, where the duo Coello and Tapia faced off against Lebron and Navarro in a thrilling duel.

Lebron and Navarro eventually triumphed in three sets.