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Riyadi clinched a victory over Sagesse with a score of 95-86 in the second day of the Wasl Super League tournament. This win places Riyadi at the top of Group A, while Sagesse awaits a decisive match against Astana on Wednesday to determine the qualifier for the semi-finals against the yellow club.

Ezzedine’s Brilliance

The match began with the classic five for both teams, featuring players such as Wael Arakji, Karim Zeinoun, Jonathan Simmons, Hayk Gyokchyan and Thon Maker for Riyadi, and Jonathan Gibson, Omar Jamalledine, Ahmed Ibrahim, Karim Ezzedine and Nikola Rakočević for Sagesse. The first quarter was marked by Ezzedine’s brilliance, who impressed with his footwork and scored 12 points, allowing Sagesse to finish the quarter ahead with a score of 23-20.

A Fair Quarter

The second quarter was balanced, with several ties, but also difficulties for Sagesse, notably with Cleantony Early quickly accumulating three fouls, forcing the coach to rest him for long periods. Riyadi couldn’t impose its rhythm, with a limited number of assists (4), which negatively affected their performance, allowing Sagesse to remain ahead at halftime with a score of 46-42.

Turning Point

The turning point of the match came with one minute remaining in the third quarter, when Karim Ezzedine committed his fourth personal foul, followed by a protest that earned him a technical foul, forcing him out of the game. From that moment on, Riyadi mentally dominated the match and began to impose its rhythm, finishing the third quarter with a 70-67 lead.

The Yellow Club’s Foreigners

In the final quarter, Riyadi’s foreign players shone, scoring together 56 of the team’s 95 points. Simmons impressed offensively with 27 points and won the man of the match award, while Maker excelled defensively with five blocks, disrupting Sagesse’s players, allowing Riyadi to win 95-86.

The Lebanese audience in Doha enjoyed the match, with stands adorned in yellow and green colors, hoping to see this spectacle in Lebanon, away from sectarian and political issues.

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