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Lebanese basketball fans eagerly await the final of the Lebanese Basketball Championship, which will pit Riyadi Beirut against La Sagesse in a fiery series that will crown the winner of four out of seven matches. The first will start at 9:45 PM on Tuesday, at the Saeb Salam Hall in Manara, the home court of Riyadi, which will benefit from home advantage and the support of the crowd.

A memorable conclusion
After an 8-year absence, the most popular derby in the Arab world returns to adorn the final of the Lebanese Championship. How could it not, when it’s the most significant match in Lebanon and the Arab world, eagerly awaited and highly anticipated by audiences from many different countries?

Crowds of supporters
The derby is the center of attention for all basketball enthusiasts in general, and fans of Riyadi and La Sagesse in particular, as both teams have the largest fan base in Lebanon.

It’s certain that the stadiums of both teams will be filled with fans, who have become accustomed to showing a wonderful civilized image reflecting the beauty of the teams’ performance on the court.

A mental game
At the opening whistle, all differences and calculations fall away, with matches being a 50/50 affair; a single injury can upset all calculations, especially with the pressure of consecutive and fast-paced games. Experience and good management of the encounters could decide the identity of the winner.

A sports festival awaits Lebanon during these two weeks, which will be decisive for both teams, with La Sagesse seeking to win a title that has eluded them for over 20 years and Riyadi seeking to confirm its supremacy and superiority over all teams in Lebanon.