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The second leg of the semi-finals of the Lebanese Basketball Championship continues this weekend with two high-level matches. The first will see Sagesse playing at home in the “Green Castle” against Beirut SC in front of its audience. The second will pit Homenetmen against Riyadi at the “Orange Hell.”

Summary of the Series’ Beginnings

Sagesse took the lead against Beirut SC 1-0 by winning the first match 97-92 on the latter’s home turf, thereby losing the advantage of home ground and audience in favor of the green team, which relies on its audience to support it in Ghazir on Saturday.

Riyadi, on the other hand, started their journey by beating Homenetmen at their home with a score of 107-88 to take a 1-0 lead in the series.

It’s worth mentioning that the winner of three out of five matches advances to the championship finals.

The Crucial Misstep

The stakes are crucial for Beirut SC and Homenetmen.

Beirut SC hopes to turn the tide, regain the home ground advantage, and improve its image after an inconsistent performance in the first match. Any failure could thwart its chances of qualifying for the finals and participating in next year’s WASL Tournament.

As for Homenetmen, it hopes to restore balance in the series to reignite its competitive hopes and take advantage of the physical fatigue experienced by Riyadi players due to the high number of matches, the latest being on Wednesday against Club Gorgan in the WASL tournament, where the yellow team suffered a defeat.

Fiery matches await basketball enthusiasts this weekend. Who will emerge victorious?

Saturday, Sagesse against Beirut at 4:45 PM.
Sunday, Homenetmen against Riyadi, also at 4:45 PM.


Sarkis Yeretsian