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In the world of basketball, stories of resilience and transformation abound. However, few are as fascinating as that of a player who, after seasons of uncertainty and underperformance, suddenly emerges under the spotlight with renewed energy. This is precisely the story of Ahmad Ibrahim, a name once associated with disappointment, but who this year has become synonymous with determination and success. His resurgence on the court has not only amazed fans but has also injected a new momentum into his team, redefining expectations and reigniting hopes of glory.


Ahmad Ibrahim, born on February 18, 1992, discovered his passion for basketball at the age of 8 at the Al-Riyadi club. His talent and commitment on the court quickly caught attention. At the age of 13, he embarked on a journey to the United States to further develop as a player. After eight years honing his skills in American gyms, he returned home at the age of 21 and signed his first official contract with the Al-Riyadi club, marking the beginning of a glorious period in his career.

Rise of a Star

From 2012 to 2015, Ibrahim was an undisputed pillar of the team, contributing significantly to his club’s success in all major competitions. His presence on the court and his versatility made him an iconic figure in regional basketball. After spending eight years in the United States, Ahmad Ibrahim returned home standing tall at 198 cm, perfectly suited for the small forward position. During his three years with Al-Riyadi, his game continued to improve. However, he faced challenges off the court, including tensions with his coach and criticism from some team members, which led him to leave before the end of his contract, despite having only one year left.

The Year Preceding the Catastrophe

In 2015-2016, Ahmad Ibrahim signed a contract with Homentmen Beirut, under the guidance of coach Joe Moujaes. There, he continued to shine on the court, attracting attention in Lebanese basketball circles. His name began to circulate as “the next Fadi El Khatib,” due to his imposing stature and powerful playing style.

Doping Suspension

A year later, the basketball community was shocked by Ahmad Ibrahim’s suspension for doping. Despite his repeated appeals, he served a one-year ban. This led him to reflect on the severity of his punishment, believing it was motivated by discriminatory considerations. This difficult period deeply affected him, but he persevered with courage.

After returning to the courts in the 2018-2019 season, Ahmed Ibrahim faced new challenges, including his stint at Champville for two years and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic upon his return to Homentmen for the 2020-2021 season. Faced with these challenges, he decided to return to the United States.

Turbulent Seasons at Dynamo

At Dynamo, Ibrahim went through two seasons marked by outstanding performances on the court. His contribution was crucial for the team, leading to notable successes. However, despite his sporting exploits, persistent tensions with the management eventually led Ibrahim to make the difficult decision to leave the team just before the finals for two consecutive years. These backstage conflicts overshadowed his achievements on the court, highlighting the challenges faced by professional athletes not only in competition but also in internal relationships within sports clubs.

A New Chapter with the National Team

After an incident with coach Slobodan Subotic, Ahmad Ibrahim decided to distance himself from the national team. However, the Lebanese Basketball Federation insisted on his return, recognizing his leadership and composure on the court. Ibrahim agreed to answer the team’s call to play this summer, facing Angola and Spain in the Olympic qualifiers.

In a sport where perseverance is as crucial as raw talent, Ahmad Ibrahim embodies determination. His tumultuous journey, marked by highs and lows, testifies to his resilience in the face of adversity. Today, as he prepares for a new chapter in his career, Ibrahim is more determined than ever to silence the skeptics and prove his worth on the court. His return to the top of Lebanese basketball is a story of redemption, of rediscovered talent, and reignited passion.

Ultimately, Ahmad Ibrahim embodies the indomitable spirit of athletes who refuse to be beaten down by setbacks and find the strength to rise again. His journey is an inspiring reminder of the power of the human will to overcome obstacles and achieve dreams. Ibrahim’s lesson resonates both on the court and in everyday life: with determination and resilience, nothing is impossible.

And it is precisely this lesson that we carry with us as Ibrahim continues to leave his mark on the world of basketball.