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The second round of the Final 8 kicks off with a match opposing al-Riyadi and Homenetmen at al-Manara. This is the first of five games of the semi finals, with al-Riyadi maintaining the home court advantage as they finished first during the regular season.

This game was played today on April 28 and ended 107-88 in favour of al-Riyadi. During this game, the home team stayed in front and did not trail once, which sums up the great performance that puts them now 1-0 up in the series.

Al-Riyadi’s coach Ahmad Farran went for this starting five: Karim Zeinoun, Elmedin Kikanovic, Wael Arakji, Hayk Gyokchyan and Jonathan Simmons. Coach Joe Moujaes of Homenetmen opted for Zack Lofton, Gaby Ajemian, Jad Khalil, Gerard Hadidian and Dewayne Jackson.

A Show of Strength 

Al-Riyadi expectedly opened the game in a strong manner, securing many rebounds and converting their possessions into valuable points to stay in control against a strong Homenetmen offence. Halfway through the quarter, al-Riyadi was able to extend their lead to 10 points. However, Homenetmen stayed in the game after some a great offensive effort by Zack Lofton. The quarter ended 29-22 for al Riyadi after a tension-filled quarter between the two teams.

The second quarter was characterised by a show of strength by al-Riyadi as they wanted to improve their lead to stay comfortable during the game. After two successive three points and some great defense, their lead stood at a significant 12 points. For the rest of the quarter, the home team preserved and extended their advantage to 15 points after a dominant display (61-46).

Continuous Domination

In the third quarter, al-Riyadi continued their scoring streak, while Homenetmen scrambled for some desperate baskets. Throughout the quarter, the home team stayed in control like they had planned. Homenetmen was not able to really cut into al-Riyadi’s lead, even after the technical foul on Amir Saoud. Al-Riyadi’s lead was maintained to 15 points with a score of 82-67.

With al Riyadi looking to see this game out comfortably and Homenetmen aiming for a difficult comeback, the fourth quarter had an entertaining ending. The home team started this quarter in a very strong way, extending their lead to a maximum of 20 points. Al-Riyadi stayed in control for the rest of the quarter with a score of 107-88, as they now go 1-0 in the series.