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Alex Feghali, behind the wheel of his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII, triumphed in style at the “speed test” organized by the National Sporting Authority under the Automobile and Touring Club of Lebanon (ATCL) on a course along Charles Helou Avenue. Unlike previous editions during which the race was dominated by Roger Feghali who easily outclassed his opponents, this time, the reigning Lebanese champion did not participate in the competition, leaving the door open to … his son Alex. The latter, a worthy heir to his father Roger, demonstrated exceptional mastery behind the wheel by winning the competition, even surpassing his uncle, Abdo Feghali, in a competition that proved to be almost a family affair. Abdo Feghali took second place ahead of Rabih Ayoub who completed the podium. No less than eighty-seven participants took part in this race which constitutes the first round for the 2024 Lebanese championship of the discipline. The event, which attracted the attention of motorsport enthusiasts across the country, took place under the auspices of the ATCL. Participants came from various backgrounds of the local motorsport scene. The competition was intense and the level of performance high.

Family Pedigree

Alex Feghali, with his family pedigree and natural talent, stood out with his precise driving and impeccable strategy. His victory, although predictable for some, was nevertheless greeted with enthusiasm by fans who admire not only his skill behind the wheel, but also the heritage he carries as a member of the Feghali dynasty, famous in the annals of Lebanese motorsport. The rivalry between Alex and his uncle Abdo, himself a respected driver, added an extra element of tension to the competition. Yet, despite this family rivalry, the two drivers demonstrated mutual respect and undeniable skill, reinforcing the idea that the passion for motorsport is truly ingrained in the genes of the Feghali family. Through this victory, Alex Feghali asserts his place as one of the most promising drivers of his generation in Lebanon. His success at the ATCL speed test is not only a recognition of his individual talent, but also a celebration of the family heritage that continues to leave its mark on the history of Lebanese motorsport. As the engines cool down and the applause fades away, one thing is clear: for the Feghalis, speed is much more than a passion, it is an art passed down from generation to generation, a family affair in which each victory is a celebration of heritage and talent. And for Alex, this speed test is just the beginning of a long series of successes on the circuits of Lebanon and beyond.

Here is the final overall classification, knowing that only the best time recorded during the three official climbs to which each driver is entitled was taken into account:

1. Alex Feghali

2. Abdo Feghali

3. Rabih Ayoub