The FIBA (Fédération Internationale de Basketball Association) announced sanctions against al-Riyadi on Friday, following the disturbance caused by its supporters during the West Asia Super League (WASL) semi-final match against La Sagesse.

As the second quarter drew to a close in the match between the two Lebanese giants, the game was interrupted for several minutes after a scuffle behind the La Sagesse bench.

It remained unclear what was said or happened behind the Green bench until Friday, when La Sagesse management held a meeting to request legal action against al-Riyadi. La Sagesse’s press release stated that its players had been kicked and insulted by al-Riyadi “ultras” in the Nouhad Naoufal stadium.

FIBA immediately took strict measures. Al-Riyadi now faces a fine of almost $55,000, with the ultras banned for a full year from all club competitions and other matches in Asia and its sub-zones. Two other supporters who attended the match received suspensions of 2 and 5 years for their unsportsmanlike behavior.

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